Whether commercially or personally, litigation is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Our advice will help you avoid costly mistakes and to make sure this difficult, stressful process goes the right way for you.

This page has two sections:

The first section only covers being in a dispute (i.e. no one has sued anyone…..yet). It tells you about getting help from Your LegalHQ on how to handle the situation to maximize your advantage if things get nasty.

The second section deals with the nasty situation where someone is actually suing you, or you’re suing someone, and now you looking for a lawyer who:

  • has plenty of experience;
  • is commercially minded;
  • talks like an ordinary human being;
  • will tell you straight from the shoulder where you stand; and
  • won’t ask for a blank cheque to run your case.

(that lawyer would be Your LegalHQ).

So you’re in a dispute…..but it hasn’t “gone legal”

When you’re expecting to get sued, or when you think you might have to sue someone, you really only have one BIG RISK to worry about.

That risk is the risk of wrecking your own case through
communications with the person you are in dispute with.

Your LegalHQ’s lawyers have been running large and small cases in all Courts and Tribunals for a combined total of over 40 years. Over that time, we have seen many clients in disputes who come in “pre-packaged” with further problems which they caused themselves.

It’s not their fault. They do not understand that when a dispute arises, the things they do and say NOW can seriously damage their position when a judge is hearing their court case 12 months later.

Talking to the other side to “work things out” is always great, so long as the dispute is actually resolved. But you can do huge damage to your position if you try and work it out, and fail.

There is a real art to knowing what to say and what not to say when you’re trying to resolve a disputed situation. Going too far with what you say can give the other side a big free kick if the dispute doesn’t get fixed.

You’re not a litigation lawyer. You don’t have years of experience telling you what to say and what to keep under your hat in the middle of a free flowing conversation. You don’t have the experience to know what to say or keep quiet about when you’re swapping (angry?) texts or emails either.

And yet…all of those communications are EVIDENCE. And they are either evidence in your favour or evidence against you.

Can you say you would know which was which?

So many times, clients have shown us a letter or email they recently wrote which they said would “win the case” for them. And we have had to tell them that the document did a lot more harm than good.

That’s why we want you to book a time to see us to talk about any dispute that you are involved in ASAP. We will make sure that your correspondence will only help your case, not ruin it.
The number to call is 08 9445 9200.Ask for Cameron or Vicki.

When you have met with us you will:

  • know exactly how to communicate with the “other side” as you try to resolve your dispute;
  • know what sorts of things never to say in correspondence; and
  • have our help on tap to write those critically important letters, emails or prepare settlement offers to keep your risk profile as small as possible.
  • We offer a huge amount of value when it comes to positioning your business in a dispute with the right sort of correspondence to make sure that any communications help you, rather that cause you damage.

Don’t “work it out” without important advice. Call us now on 08 9445 9200

OK, things just got nasty….it’s really “gone legal”

This section deals with the situtation where you’re actually being sued, or you’re suing someone else.

There are set time limits for the procedural steps that have to be taken in your case. So you have some time, but not a lot of time.

We need to get a fair amount of information from you quickly. Then we work out an approach or strategy for the litigation that will maximize your chances of success, and implement it. We do this all the time. We are used to it and you can see our experience from the staff profiles on this site.

But the quicker you are sitting in our office, the better off you are.

Call Your LegalHQ on 08 9445 9200 for an immediate meeting to discuss your case and see how we can help you make sure that things go the right way for you in your circumstances

We are ready to help you immediately. Call Cameron or Vicki
on 08 9445 9200 get an idea on where you stand right now.

The court process is unfamiliar, complex and intimidating. And YOU are going into it under stress. All in all, it’s a bad combination.

It’s natural and normal for people to be stressed about the dispute that they are in. Getting help in a situation where you’re not an expert in the system raises these difficult questions:

  • Will you actually have control? (it’s your case after all)
  • Will you know all the alternatives before another step is taken? (how can you make decisions otherwise)
  • Will you know what each alternative it is likely to cost you? (we know you want to contain costs)
  • Will you know if you’re likely to win or lose? (why pay a lot of fees on a losing case)
We have been consulted in the past by clients who didn’t know
what their options were in litigation, and needlessly incurred huge
unexpected bills

You don’t want that to be you. Call Your LegalHQ about your litigation NOW.

In our first meeting we will:

  • Take away your fears about the court process with an easy to understand explanation;
  • Explain all your options with diagrams & layman’s language;
  • Discuss your prospects of success; and
  • Give you an idea about the likely cost of your case and introduce you to our fixed fee pricing so you have no
  • Nasty billing surprises.

When you have met with us, you will know exactly where you stand and what you need to do next. You will have the comfort that you will remain in control of the situation. You will have the confidence that comes from having a first class team on your side. And you will know how your costs will be charged.

Call us now on 08 9445 9200 for some straight advice about your position. Ask for Cameron or Vicki.